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What Is The Latest Antivirus Software? (10 Best Picks)

What Is The Latest Antivirus Software Picture
What Is The Latest Antivirus Software? (10 Best Picks)

Surprisingly the latest antivirus software is not necessarily designed by the newest kids on the Block. They're infact created by Oldest Internet Security Brand. Are You Disappointed Already?

Well Don't Be Surprised| With Age Comes Wisdom:

You see in order to manufacture the finest antimalware technology, that eliminates the most recent threats. Requires years of experience, knowledge and research.

So it's logic that the Best Anti-virus Providers will be the Older Companies.

Here's Why?
  • They have the budgets, infrastructure AND resources to carry the Cost of new advancements.
  • They understand the weaknesses of previous designs and can therefore enhance its shortcomings.
  • They have a Deeper understanding of customer needs and requirements, etc.

What Is The Latest Antivirus Software For Windows?

One more thing worth noting: These programs are not only limited to Windows 10. They can also be used on Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, even Android Mobile OS.

Although I've done most of the research for you. It is within your best interest to confirm whether it's suitable for your system.

Over 100,000 groups in over 150 countries and more than 400,000 storing devices. Were infected by the Wannacry virus during 2017. Learn more cybersecurity.

Best Windows 10 Antivirus Programs

1) Avast Antivirus Software Download| Multi Award Winning Internet Security Brand

Now Avast antivirus software is one of the most Superior, well respected and globally recognized brands.

They have an extended history in the internet security industry. It takes time to learn, understand and find the best solution for several kinds of malware threats.

Time is always a good measurent to determine whether any given relationship is worth your while. The same is true for business continuation, they have to really work hard to maintain a good reputation.

Criminals are continuously adapting and modifying their evil ways. This puts pressure on Internet Security Providers, considering that they have to regularly update their software to stay relevant.

This company use cutting edge technology to monitor your internet traffic and easily detect any suspicious behavior.

Companies like Avast has been around for decades and spent years and mmillios of dollars to perfect their craft.

You can't just choose any antivirus these days. Since syndicate groups creates fake branded products to install their Trojans, Rootkits and malicious programs.

Brands like Avast don't only create malware protection products, but their software also improves your internet connection speeds.

Their protection products are of one of the most advanced Malware Prevention solutions, you can find. There are also many different packages design for specific target markets.

Their are also a variety of producrs designed for different home and business owners. Which is convenient as no house-hold are the same.

Some has more family members, diffent online habits and a higher numbers of connecting devices. While others may be less.

  • They're not only limited to your PC - but also smartphones and tablets.
  • The reputable Brand has a large foot-print, in the security industry. Over 400 Million active users globally; can't be wrong in selecting Avast.

No matter how good a product may be. I must to admit, there are always strenths vs weaknesses to consider.

Operating Systems And Compatibility:

The Avast Antivirus Software is compatible with; several Windows Operating Systems.

Examples of such are: Vista| Windows XP| Windows 7| 8| 8.1| 10| Not forgetting Android Firmware and Mac iOS.


It has highly intuitive qualities: Like password manager| behavior analysis tech| Game mode| behavior customization.

  • It conveniently has a free version, with the opportunity to upgrade later. Which you can easily upgrade to any options that better suits your needs.
  • It went through several lab tests, over the years, helping to confirm its relevance.
  • Unlike some competitors. It don't drain your systems resources, or slow your internet speed.
  • The Avast Computer protection password manager is very basic, if you compare it to other programs on this level.
  • The multi-factor authentication and password reset is somehow average, there are better versions out there.
  • It's not 100% on the "anti-phishing" capabilities, besides nothing in this world is. However you have to share some of the responsibility.
Final Verdict:

The Avast Protection software might have limited anti-phishing abilities.

Avast is one of the Most Superior Antivirus Programs you can find. They have a large variety of packages, ranging from residential (home) and business solutions.

There are also several options like free and paid versions. Then you get full versions: Antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, anti-ransomware, antimalware scanners, and more.

What I like about them is that their software keeps improving (updates), they also send 'blocked malware files' to their labs for further investigation.

The Avast advanced and intuitive systems scans and monitor your internet traffic. We highly recommend this antivirus program on all your devices.

2) Zone Alarm| Award Winning Firewalls For Windows

The solid back-bone behind Zone Alarm is a: World Class (Cloud Based) Cyber Security Company; named "Check Point."

It's a Highly Reputable, Popular and Trustworthy Brand name; in the online security industry.

Zone Alarm detects and prevents keyloggers, monitoring applications, and all kinds of dangerous hacking threats.

The antivirus is popular among Fortune 100 companies. These Giants seems to love Check Point security solutions.

They boast with over 100 million downloads; in counting. They're positioned firmly; as an award winning security software.

  • Like many others; Zone Alarm also went through several major lab tests. They proved to be forerunners in the robust firewalls category. Which is a solid defense mechanism, against spyware and harmful software.
  • It's blended with a top-notch Antivirus scanning engine. Excellent for removing viruses from external drives and usb's.
  • The Virtual encrypted browser, stops malware attempts (through you browser); in their tracks.
  • The service runs conveniently in the background, of your device. It rarely sends annoying upgrade or marketing notifications.
  • It uses behavioral protection, excellent for monitoring on suspicious or weird activities.
  • It scans downloads against thousands, of possible Malware threats.
  • The Company has a professional customer support services; in place. You can easily reach them through chat or email.
  • It doesn't protect against email spam. However, the other functions will stop spyware or Trojans in its tracks.
  • Despite not prompting upgrades, it sends main security alerts, which can be annoying.
Final Verdict:

If you don't mind several alert notifications while going about your online duties, this is a good solution for you. However, It will be in your best favor, to NOT disable any on settings.

Examples such as alerts during gaming or 4k video streaming; simple to avoid distracting security alerts.

Usually deactivating services on any antivirus software, may lower your security guards against network risks.

3)Free| McAfee Antivirus| Download

McAfee is another highly regarded and independent cyber-security company. They provide business and consumer online security. Working around-the-clock to enhance your digital cravings.

McAfee has Free 30-Day trails to give a taste of what they have to offer. Their superior software scans, detects and prevent all kinds of viruses, trojans, spyware, rootkits, adware and many other malware.

The Credible Brand was established back in 1987, named after the founder, and is a high ranking internet security Brand.

McAfee anticipates user's most crucial needs, for a safer and secured cyber-experience.

Besides; how else can you even enjoy any online-undertaking. While being stressed with conflicted emotions of fear, distrust, anxiety and uncertainty?

Which is normally the case when browsing without protection...

Their internet security and Android Smartphone technology neutralizes the latest threats.

Replace your doubts with certainty. Giving you peace-of-mind and protection against several types of computer attacks.

The internet became the most convenient plaform for many consumers to do their shopping.

Even if you don't necessarily use it for this purpose. There are certain activities that still makes you vulnerable to theft.

So ultimately antivirus gives you more then security. Beyond that gives a better user experiences, peace of mind, it eliminates fears and doubts

Since 2014 McAfee Antivirus Protects of up to 5.7% of the entire worlds market; and it's growing even higher. As the needs for Internet Security keeps increasing.

  • It's super easy to download, install, and manage.
  • Smart, intuitive and user-friendly user interface.
  • It does what is says, which is removing, preventing a wide variety malware.
  • With you new found online confidence, be default you get better user-experience benefits.
  • The software has several advantages like; anti-spam, parental control, and removes viruses.
  • The program has one of the industry's top tier algorithms, providing seamless automation.
  • Improved Windows 10 and latest Mac OS security software.
  • McAfee is one of the most recognized antivirus and comes standard on some laptops Brands.
  • There is still room for improvement on their real-time protection.
  • McAfee Antivirus is a bit heavy on your system and may be bit slow when scanning certain files.
Final Verdict:

Well McAfee is advanced and slightly higher than basic protection. It's highly sensitive and easy to setup and use. It is indeed reliability, but not the perfect.

However they have their target market and You could be one of them. If you looking for a below average option, this is for You.

4) Malwarebytes|Download| Best Malware Removal And Prevention

Does Malwarebytes get rid of existing viruses? We get this question a lot, from several users. If you have any doubts about your PCs health.

Malwarebytes can restore your confidence. Malwarebytes can remove existing malware!And protect your computer from new infections.

This is a forward thinking product, that grows from best to Superior and more!

Malwarebytes is what is called a next generation Cyber Security Company. They are famously used; by millions of consumers and businesses.

They are what is called "Innovators," For instance their most recent antivirus innovation is Malwarebytes 3.

Known as one of the most powerful security products, of its kinds. They seem to improve and get more efficient with every step forward.

  • User-friendly and easy installation. Ideal for people who dislike complicated configurations.
  • They have a free version, although it's basic and lesser equipped than paid option. However it's free and gives you a taste of the real-deal.
  • It's the type of software that updates. Which is excellent since it keeps improving.
  • It Stops harmful malware from; penetrating your computer systems.
  • It protects you from exposure to dangerous websites. Like spoofing, fake hacker sites and phishing threats.
  • It improves your Windows Operating systems, which makes it run smoother.
  • They designers goes the extra mile by providing support for antimalware.
  • They don't use hard-selling methods. Like for instance; sending annoying upgrade messages.
  • It has too many levels of products, which is confusing and most often a turn-off. Customers usually don't like complex shopping experiences.
  • If you have multiple users on your network. The security alerts may be sent to any of the users, which leaves room for you missing out on an important update.
Final Verdict:

Malwarebytes is the best solution for removing existing malware on your PC. Plus at the same time it combats current and future network threats.

However, it can improve security alerts. Instead of sending it to the user, it can send it to your dashboard.

Avoiding the possibility of it slipping the primary user's radar.

5. ESET|Antivirus|Download| Top Latest Cyber Threat Prevention

ESET steadily keeps up momentum, by making its name as one of the 'Best Antivirus Software Companies! Well, that's at least what their loyal customers tends to think.

The Giant protects over 100 million users globally. Although they've been around since the 90's, it still takes a lot of effort to win over, the loyal hearts of so many users.

Mind you, it even takes more work to exceed expectations and sustain your service over and extended period of time.

For any business to stick around, push forward, while keeping up with trends and new developments; it requires performance excellence.

This Brand has been around up to 30 years, in counting. Which makes it one of the oldest in the industry.

What makes ESET even more remarkable and Further Adds Value to their 'highly regarded' status.

Is their Quality Internet Security Program and its consistent Performance, throughout the years.

This may tempt you to believe that: ESET produced the Best Antivirus Software Ever! Which is not really the case...

In fact it is quite average, but highly practical. Is this telling us that Practical Stuff are more superior that Hype? It's soft of like Google versus Instagram.

Even so, it maintains its standards, and delivers for a basic security programs.

They developed an easy to use security software, for home users. Yet, it combats the most complex cyber threats.

It's firmly positioned as one of the lightest systems. At the same time it provides high-quality virus detection. It is a Major Threat, to the latest cyberthreats.

  • Light on your computer system or network resources, with a plain and simple interface for ordinary folks.
  • They also give you a free social media scanning tool, which equips you for social media threats.
  • It has a highly sophisticated game mode, to enhance your high-speed gaming cravings.
  • The multi-functional software is capable of handling a wide variety of Operating Systems. Examples such as; Windows 10, Vista, Linux, Mac and Android Available.
  • The products advantages and benefits; clearly outweighs the price.
  • Limited to paying subscribers only! No free options like Heimdal, or Avast.
  • During extreme lab test, some virus threats were missed. Which could be a downer, if you're a high-end user.
  • Although it's lightweight, it may have its slow days.
  • They have a full features multiple device protection package for your entire family's devices. However it is a pricey.
Final Verdict:

ESET antivirus software is good for basic internet security. Ideally, if you consider yourself a basic internet-user! This one is For You!

Alternatively, you can try Avast's free option, and take it from there!

6) BullGuard| Best Option For Android Smartphones

They say only the test of time tells the Truth! Well, than what does it have to say about BullGuard.

Considering the that BullGuard has been around for almost 2 Decades (Since 2002). And still produces many happy customers.

It's one of the fastest growing antivirus companies. Other contributions to its Highly regarded authority, is that their products seems to win Awards. Their customers voted them as the Best.

I guess that's what you get if you give people what they need, they won't only vote with their words, but also with their money.

This customer obsessed company provides several platforms of device protection solutions.

Examples such as: BullGuard Antivirus, Mobile Security, Internet Security, Premium Protection.

  • You follow a quick and simple installation path. With an intuitive and user friendly interface.
  • It conveniently keeps your computer, or mobile gadgets organized and clean.
  • Phishing prevention is good and beyond basic. Compared to Avast; on this platform.
  • Malicious Software Detection rates are incredibly high. It highly is highly sensitive and responsive. No Surprise! It did so Well with lab tests.
  • It is a Convenient One Stop solution. Since, it is belted with an Android version. Oh! And that's not all: It also has an average MAC protection.
  • You are fully Equipped with a vulnerability scanner. Complimenting your gaming tendencies.
  • Customer support is satisfying and responsive.
  • Disappointingly; it's incapable of tracking ransomware threats.
  • The Antivirus Software is slower than some competitors.
  • Also the Parental Control is standard, less Advanced than some competitors.
  • The Mac protection version - was not found satisfactory according to third party tests.
  • There lots of room for growth. Since, It's inconsistent with all the Windows Operation Systems.
Final Verdict:

Ultimately, it depends on your needs and requirements. What's good for one user, may be a bad for another.

I personally prefer less upselling levels; of the same product. This software is for average users and some competing antiviruses are better.

7)Heimdal|Windows| Antivirus| Download| Internet Security

Now Heimdal Security is NOT as old as the other antiviruses on this review. However, it surely made a powerful entrance for a newcomer.

Heimdal has a way of selling itself. It conveniently has a free version (to hook you with user-experience). While the Pro version is the actual full featured option.

Their target market is home users, like You! The advance Heimdal Pro version. Protects customers against attacks, that other antivirus softwares fails to detect.

It proactive intelligence protects your saved files and documents: Like financial records, professional, personal, and sensitive data. Advanced filters manages all your incoming, and outgoing internet traffic.

Their well-versed protection technology is a triple layer solution. Providing you safety from: Ransomware, information stealing malware, financial trojans, and more...

  • Easy to install and has an intuitive interface. Which shows that they kept the end-user's best interest in mind.
  • It also has advanced traffic scanning and filtering. Automating your security experience.
  • It erases existing malware on your computer. Nipping your Current infection in the butt. Before they Stop You!
  • It protect you from ransomware. One of the secret weapons of hackers.
  • Compatible with other security products. Meaning that you can combine it with another antivirus. Which is what most savvy users do!
  • It's proactive scanning engine. Protects you from fake hacker websites, commonly used to trick consumers.
  • The feature I like the most in the "Pro Version." Is the smart ability of 'Stopping' your internet immediate. If by any chance your computer got infected. Which blocks hackers from stealing your information.
  • The have several other products, which confuses potential buyers. It makes it difficult in the buying process.
  • The vigilance program is sometime slow to scan your devices. And that alone delays system operations.
Final Verdict:

No matter how good a product may be. There is always some disadvantages, that comes with it!In this case it is the slow scanning process.

Then again, if that's what it takes; to protect your valuable information. Than it worth the effort!

8)SUCURI|Antivirus| Firewalls| For WordPress Websites

Finally a program that Protects your Websites. Sucuri protects your WordPress websites from preying hackers and Malware.

On the WordPress dashboard, you can easily install the Sucuri plugin. It's highly resourceful and improve your website's performance.

They are trusted by well established Brands like: GoDaddy, WordPress many other credible hosting Brands.

It actively monitors and scan your website, for possible threats and weaknesses.

  • Cleans hacked websites from malware threats.
  • If a site were hacked, it removes the viruses and protect your from future attacks.
  • If the website are blacklist as a high-risk. This plugin with remove your website from the blacklist, and restore your secured status.
  • If you were denied access, to your blog. Due to some cyber attack, this software will allow you to log in/out.
  • It is firmly positioned as the first, if Not only security plugin. That currently provides a DNS-level firewalls.
  • Sucuri is ideal, but not limited to the infamous DDos (denial of Services) attacks.
  • 24/7 antimalware responsive support.
  • No free antivirus option.
  • Instead they offer you three paid plans, namely: Basic, Professional and Business programs.
  • The three options have average malware cleanup. It could have been better.
  • Hence, it's voted tops by popular demand.
Final Verdict:

If you own a websites, eCommerce site or Blog. You should take it upon yourself to protect you users, visitors or buyers.

SUCURI is a definite protection solution with robust firewalls, for your online platform.

9) Norton By Symentac| Windows| Antivirus| Download|

Norton sets itself apart, with unique features. Giving you the upper-hand, over the latest threats.

Professional laboratory tests, confirmed that Norton Neutralizes up to 99.3% threats. Hence, AV-tests appreciated Norton with the highest points.

Reputable Norton by Symantec, has been in around for over twenty five years.
The dominant computer program, is real-time based. It protects you from existing and future threats.

Norton antivirus software is capable to secure PC's, MAC, iOS, and Android devices.

Immediately download Norton, for instant security benefits. It's famously known, as a high quality antivirus softwares. Apart from all the astounding benefits and top performance.

It has useful qualities; such as file encryption, secured web browser; that stops viruses from crawling your vulnerable-browser.

It's flexible for PC's and mobile technologies; which are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

It is easy to expose your PC and/or connecting gadgets; to malicious websites unknowingly. You can now rest assured with one of the best antivirus software.

The Best thing You can do for yourself. Is to Equip your personal devices - with a reliable online security resource.

Another point worth noting, is that real security don't come cheap.

However, you can take full advantage of their lucrative discounts. They money saving bundle-deals.

We're Talking: antivirus programs, and attractive Norton WiFi privacy VPN's for even better privacy.

Whichever, way you look at it! One thing is quite obvious that this is a solution: To common security threats; that haunts micro, medium, or corporate business.

That of course doesn't exclude individual SECURED internet, for that matter.

  • Like I mentioned, earlier Norton is not a CHEAP program. The quality and performance justifies the price.
  • User-friendly, smooth dashboard.
  • It's two life-times ahead of most competitors. It came out thriving in several lab tests. It was recognized for its accurate detection, prevention and security.
  • I appreciate their built in reliable Backup solution (25 GB online storage). Ideal for saving you most valuable data.
  • Practical and advanced file shredding. Belted with a secure browser and file encryption.
  • Norton's Superior eraser tool, to remove suspicious software/malware.
  • Around-the-clock customer support.
  • The antivirus is expensive.
  • There is "No free trails", to test drive before you buy.
Final Verdict:

Norton is one of the most popular antivirus software on the market.

The program provides good malware protection. At the same time; it's light on your systems resources.

10) AVG Technology|Windows| Antivirus| Download

Over 200 million active users can't be wrong, in choosing AVG Technology. But can you expect from a Company that dates back to 1991.

And ever since, they have Grown; into one of the most Trusted internet security solutions.

Besides, you need a firm hand to protect you, from lurking cyber dangers. At last! Users can now securely surf the net.

Enjoy safe shopping, banking, browsing, and minus the fears of hackers/threats.

The Highest Ranking Windows 10 Antivirus Programs

The company's is famous in Europe and USA. AVAST bought AVG some time in 2016. Regardless, they preferred to leave each Brand as a separate entity.

Allowing each unit to continue doing business; in its own Special Way.

  • The software is smooth and easy to use. If you need better features, you can always switch to the next level; on offer.
  • On top of that, it's reliable from all types of malware.
  • It has a quality free solution for Windows, Mac and Android.
  • It scored very high in independent tests. As one of the best tools for Malware protection.
  • It has some undeniably good features like a file shredder, a web security plugin, a VPN for more SECURED connections.
  • Average protect from viruses and ransomware, spyware.
  • Scanning your computer drives, for all types of malware problems.
  • Detection and neutralizing of phishing, fraudulent sites.
  • Blocking suspicious links and files. Great for protection against "Trojan horses."
  • Scanning incoming emails, including attachments. Eliminating viruses and spyware infections.
  • It over delivers by making the deal sweeter, with quite a few extra functions, superior to competitors.
  • Average anti-phishing performance. AVG antivirus software lacks some useful features offered by competitors.
  • Free version has a basic firewall compared to paid. The password protection, and VPN is also average compared to paid.
Final Verdict:

For basic level protection, most users who understands value, may get tempted to choose Free AVG - for Windows, Mac and High End Mobile Device Protection.

However, the upgraded options are even better and more resourceful. Almost as if the Free option is simply designed to give you a taste of what's about to come.

Whatever your choice may be, the most important thing is to "Protect" your identity,computers and network. With either of the top 10 best antivirus software for PC, or laptop.

Good Windows 10 Antivirus Programs Makes Your Systems Efficient

  • There are other programs out there that are as good, or maybe better. But, browsing millions of options, can be close to impossible.
  • Another problem is that other Wndows Antivirus may slow your internet speed, while running scans.
  • You also don't want to try to solve one problem. While picking up another; which is the wrong product.

Not to mention, effort to search, find and test several unrelated programs to get to the right one.

The latest Antivirus Software combines men, machine and smart applications. It's a dedicated supporter of Cutting-edge performances, simplicity and internet speed enhancement. If you think that's Interesting learn how fast: Smartphone Security Applications are improving.

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